New Programs

Supercharge Your Firmís Sales Performance
Maximize sales productivity and efficiency. Instantly energize your sales team by using these customized skills and relationship-building techniques. Learn how to locate and retain customers, conduct effective sales presentations, and avoid selling on price. Gain insights to effective techniques for negotiating and closing sales.

Become the Customerís Choice
Learn how to differentiate your products, services, and organization from the competition and avoid selling on price. Gain insights to why customers prefer to purchase from select suppliers. Learn memorable tactics for presenting your products and services and creating long-term relationships that keep you connected to your customers.

Online Business Research
Based on Hal's new book Online Business Research, learn how you can harness the power of searching the World Wide Web through simple, easy methods. Gain the skills for maximizing the results of every search, through simple Boolean logic symbols. Learn how to create, publish, analyze and report on your own online marketing and customer service surveys. Discover the power of Internet-based focus groups and bulletin boards. You can become an online wizard in just one class!

Profiting in a Down Economy
This program was developed using time-honored business development and profit strategies. By using the latest business research and over 20 years of in-the-trenches entrepreneurial and economic consulting, teaching and coaching experience, this seminar can help re-energize any business and organization-even in the worst economy. Learn Halís proven methods for staying profitable, keeping and motivating your best employees and staying ahead of emerging industry trends.


Rising Above the Clutter: Strategic Marketing in the Internet Age
Want to know how to create skyrocketing sales in today's Internet and technology savvy market place? You will learn techniques for determining customer purchasing preferences, how to develop new and existing business relationships, how to analyze and outdo the competition, and innovative advertising ideas that communicate a powerful message to your customers.

Recruiting, Hiring and Retaining Valuable Employees
Where do you find them, how do you recruit and hire them, and most importantly, how do you retain those valuable employees? Hiring and retaining good employees in this tight and diversified labor market is a challenge for every business. Find out how to use the latest techniques for managing today's most pressing human resources challenges.

Financial and Profit Management for Non-Financial Executives
A program to help managers drive their businesses toward greater profitability. Discover winning strategies for capital budgeting, and cash flow management techniques that gain greater cash liquidity for your business. Increase profitability and financial performance with illustrated methods and insight into the latest trends in financing, acquiring loans and leases.

Business Planning: Your Roadmap to Success
Every business benefits from strategic planning - it's the roadmap for success. Now you can create and implement a winning, market-driven business plan strategy step by step. View the latest business planning software, learn plan development tactics and other powerful tools for creating your business pathway. Then find out how to make your business plan really work!


Making the Connection: Powerful Selling Techniques That Lead to Lasting Customer Relationships
Energize your sales staff with techniques and methods for creating lasting customer relationships! Learn powerful communication techniques that build stronger customer connections, methods to minimize closing objections and winning strategies to improve closing skills. Watch your sales ratios soar!

Competitive Edge Marketing
Looking for powerful marketing and sales techniques that can bring immediate results AND are simple to implement and follow? Find out how you can obtain more business from new and existing customers and beat the competition. You will learn powerful promotional avenues plus the latest information on electronic commerce, business-to-business marketing and e-tailing.

Unforgettable Customer Service: Creating Customer Loyalty
Customer service is sited as the number one reason customers stop using a particular company and the number one reason for customer loyalty. Learn methods to measure customer satisfaction and how to create an award winning customer service program that keeps customers happy and sales booming. Actual case studies make this the most requested program among company professionals.

Want some insights as to what makes great businesses tick? Find out how top executives address their greatest concerns. You will gain a new perspective on rapidly changing technologies, demographics workplace practices and global business conditions that are shaping today's businesses and the way we will do business in the future.

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