Who is Hal?

He is a leading business consultant, trainer, university professor and international speaker, who has inspired and enlightened thousands of business owners, executives and managers on innovative ways to overcome their most pressing challenges. Hal motivates participants by arming them with knowledge and the information they need to exceed personal goals.

Hal's Program Benefits

As a motivational speaker his programs focus on the key issues that keep CEO's and managers awake at night: maintaining a competitive edge in the marketplace; strong executive team building; hiring, retaining and motivating employees; increasing sales and market share; managing change in the fast-paced world of emerging technologies, industry consolidations and mergers. 

Drawing upon more than 20 years of experience in business and professional development, Hal's wisdom has earned him the title "The Business Speaker" by program participants.  His humor encourages participation and interaction from attendees, while relevant content reinforces skills necessary for enhanced business success. 

Professionals who have benefited from Hal's cutting-edge programs request repeat engagements again and again for innovative programs with the latest industry research. Now you can find out why!

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